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Research Analytics Platform

Our proprietary multi-language natural language processing technology digests, understands and analyzes all relevant data across channels and translates so into different corporate scores to deliver real-time actionable insights in a highly customizable dashboard for your company.

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Rare Elements Dashboard is not a news distribution engine, but a powerful tool that is unique in the market. Our technology digests through large volumes of amounts of text based information to generate a corporate score. Our technology keeps information and corporate scores updated and fine tunes scoring over time.

Artificial Intelligence Technology 01 Natural Language Processing 02 Machine Learning 03 Real-Time Data 04 Rare Elements Technology

Easily monitor your brand’s perception in the market and stay alert about key trends emerging around your business 01. brand management Easily identify which area your business is performing best and identify key optimization opportunities 02. performance benchmarking Benchmark your brand’s performance against your competitors’ and discover insights to strengthen competitive strategy 03. competitor analysis Deep dive into content strategies currently trending in the market, and find content that inspires you as well as your brand 04. content ideation use cases