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Rare Elements Dashboard

Your data-driven right-hand man for decision-making

Source Summary

News Highlights

With “Source Summary”, Rare Elements identify and display key news that are driving the biggest changes in your business performances, making it easy to prioritize and make impactful decisions. Whether it is from Google, Facebook or a news article in Chinese or English, our NLP engine understands the psychology and context behind the information, going beyond just words and sentences with other available tools on the market

Historical Data Timestamp

Track your business performance

See monthly movements of the categories for both and you and your competitors, with annotation capability, making it simple to continuously test, track and optimize across categories.

Equity Matrix

Identify Business Opportunities

With “Equity Matrix”, our NLP engine score and benchmark the performance of your company across 6 key categories with your competitors and your own target. 

A 360 view of your business performance

Our intelligent tool helps you understand market behaviour and acts as a mechanism that drives your business forward