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Best-in-class analytic tool

Harness the power of the latest and most advanced technologies from AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform in one unified platform on Rare Elements.

Access the most advanced real-time data analytical power unavailable on any cloud solution providers

Cross Channel/Cross Language

Analyze across languages and channels with our natural language processing engine. All through one simple interface.

The Power of Synergy

Get the most updated and advanced data analytic technologies, cognitive services and artificial intelligence tools from major cloud platforms

Seamless Integration

Get a simple and accelerated set-up process and connection to your company’s data given Rare Elements’ innate hybrid cloud infrastructure

Super-research your research and analytical capability

Our unique approach with cloud platforms means that you can search across greater sources data and information

and obtain deeper insights, all in real-time on our machine learning-powered reporting tool

Natural Language Processing

Uncover insights behind your every-growing digital presence

Leverage our proprietary multi-language natural language processing engine to identify patterns, relationships and insight between your data

Powered by

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Going beyond traditional sentiment and relational insight, our engine digests your data and translates them into categorized corporate scores to deliver truly simple-to-understand actionable insights

  • Unlock the full web

    Search across news articles, social posts, government reports, academic research and more across all major platforms in seconds

  • Search your internal content

    Unravel the extensive insight from your internal data: employee postings, app data, customer feedback and more, with our proprietary engine

  • Full customizability

    Easily find answers to your questions with our highly customizable dashboard. Simplify with our filters and deep dive with our full expansion

Machine Learning &
Artificial Intelligence
Analyze beyond your industry horizon;
Monitor your competitors and understand
your performance and market perception at all times
The go-to intelligence tool for your business

Become the subject
matter expert
No longer restricted by insufficient resources, gain an extensive and holistic view of your company’s performance to continuously test, learn and optimize 1 Actionable Takeaways Analyze structured and unstructured data, with our AI-powered NLP engine to develop deep, unique and actionable insight to guide your business decisions 2 Real-Time Updates No more static, third-party insight and qualitative guess-work; Get connected to endless data sources and analysis, at all times, within our intuitive interface 3 Quantifiable; Dynamic Insight Skip tracking isolated and non-impactful metrics e.g. follower count, like count which are soon to be deprecated; Measure trustable and impactful metrics, powered by leading AI technologies