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Businesses have to process and understand increasingly complex data to understand its customers

Yet, there are a number of caveats: fragmented information across ownership - channels and platforms in different geographies; excessive data, making it difficult for companies to identify, interpret, and generate relevant insight. Thus, we are here to make a change, to bring a new frontier to business intelligence.


Our Story

Rare Elements was ideated in 2019 from the team’s first-hand experiences in the pain of obtaining objective insight from different data sources across sales, marketing, and technology purposes. Beyond fragmented data sources, analysis methodologies were inconsistent across teams and geographies, making it difficult to gather necessary data-driven insights.

There has to be a solution. From shared experiences at Microsoft, the team decided that AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing are the keys to unlocking practical insights from the mass amount of data that the internet has, let alone the internal gems that companies possess.

We have built a nuclear and dynamic team across technical, business, and creative specializations, equipped with diverse experiences in the tech industry across Uber, Microsoft, Linkedin, and Facebook working with top industry players across verticals. We are leveraging these experiences to build differentiated solutions, with greater scope and deeper analysis, for different companies to extract their actionable insights.

We are working hard to develop more solutions to extend our reach, to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible in AI for business intelligence, to help companies of diverse sizes and verticals to unlock their “rare elements”.


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