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Rare Elements features in HKSTP’s Speaker Series

Rare Elements’ Head of Growth Peter Chan spoke on a Hong Kong Science and Technology Park’s panel about Digital Marketing in the age of COVID-19.
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August 30, 2020

As the pandemic drives an unprecedented digital adoption, it showcases the value of digital operating models and catalyzes many companies’ digital transformation, with digital marketing being top-of-mind for many. Yet, companies face numerous key issues on their journey:

  • Alignment with complex consumer journeys across many different omnichannel touchpoints
  • Intensified competition for limited consumer’s attention
  • Deprecation of widely adopted KPIs (i.e. like and follower count, and other engagement-related figures)

The panel spoke on the importance of measurements as the cornerstone for digital marketing and how artificial intelligence and natural language processing are vital in a post-engagement world for quantifying text-based analysis, cross-channel methodologies, multi-touch attribution, and multi-aspect brand perception evaluation.

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Speakers: Peter Chan, Head of Growth, Rare Elements; Wanda Lam, ISV Manager, Ingram Micro; Kimmy Ng, Manager, AI Platform, HKSTP; Patrick Lam, Co-founder, and CEO, Zyetric Technologies; Claudia Sin, Founder, and CEO, ChatCampaign

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