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Rare Elements features in CPA Australia’s Live Webinar

Rare Elements’ Head of Growth Peter Chan co-hosted CPA Australia’s "Digital Transformation For SMEs" live webinar with Marvin Wong, Lead Solution Engineer, Greater China Region, at Tableau Software.
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March 26, 2021

The pandemic is spurring businesses across industries to embark on digital transformation, from new revenue streams to operational streamline. Hosted by CPA Australia’s SME Committee, the panel covered the latest digital marketing and data trends in Hong Kong and corresponding challenges and difficulties in the digital transformation journey.

Peter spoke on key market trends in consumer analytics and the application of artificial intelligence in the field. We shared past client work in consumer analytics and the retail industry on how Rare Elements is empowering organizations’ research and evaluation capabilities through external customer insight and natural language processing.

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Speakers: Peter Chan, Head of Growth, Rare Elements; Marvin Wong, Lead Solution Engineer, Greater China Region, Tableau Software; Edwin Chan, CPA Australia; Vanessa Wong, CPA Australia.


Peter Chan

Head of Growth;
Rare Elements

Marvin Wong

Lead Solution Engineer; Greater China Region
Tableau Software

Edwin Chan

CPA Australia

Vanessa Wong

CPA Australia

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