Rare Elements

API for external and Internal Data sources

Uncover the Potential of your Vast Internal Data

Our API enables data ingestion for both external and internal data sources, allowing our engine to uncover hidden insight from your internal data, from unstructured feedback data to structured POS, CRM, and ERP data.

Customer Feedback Data

Our NLP-powered engine with sensitivity analysis can empower businesses to easily identify key subject matters to improve on to drive lifts in satisfaction via AI-powered clusters and categories from contextual understanding of people’s written feedback and scores.

POS Data

With POS Data, you can better understand and interpret purchasing behaviors from repeat purchases to basket behaviors to map intricate correlations and synergetic relationships across different consumer personas' purchase journeys.

CRM Data

CRM data complements a wide range of analysis through establishing key different consumer personas, enabling businesses to track key demographics and target audiences. Loyalty data, with other analysis e.g. behavioral and feedback analysis, enables further deep dive into ideal consumer behaviors to drive lifts in retention and lifetime value.

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